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How long can it be?

Busy with new project

Hello again

Since i was quite busy with my new project which is selling vintage carpets and vintage patchwork carpets, i wasn’t quite able to work further on world’s longest website. For now the site is only available in german, sorry for that πŸ˜‰ If you see a carpet you like just send me an email. Somehow we will arrange the shipping for you.

And for the german speaking community:

Da ich mit meinem neuen Projekt beschΓ€ftigt bin konnte ich mich weniger um world’s longest website kΓΌmmern. Der Onlineshop verkauft recycelte Orientteppiche, genauer gesagt Vintage Teppiche und Vintage Patchwork Teppiche im shabby-chic style.

Schaut doch vorbei!

Cheers, Andrew

Update of the site

Hi there, we just updated the site a bit:

– fresh ip database – so the “unknown countries” should be much less

– loading of individual lines automatically when scrolling to them (without click like before)

– social media sharing option

– google adsense – to be able to pay a part of the hosting costs πŸ˜‰ … so please click the ads for me πŸ˜‰

thanks to victor for the programming!

let’s see if we get more traffic and attention. feel free to share the site to your social networks and to leave some response below this post πŸ™‚

Yours, Andrew

Tecmundo from Brazil reported about my project

Sorry for reporting late about that…. but it’s really great news!

Check this out:

Nice article – as far as i was able to understand portugese πŸ˜‰ Google Translate can help:

This led to more than 8000 brazilian visitors within two days in december.
On the site itself you can see that 16’000 people read the article and quite a few left comments below it.

Thanks a lot to the people at tecmundo for reporting about my project.
It’s awesome to see such a peak πŸ™‚

More than 26’000 single lines generated by people from 111 countries…

… and still growing. We have some minor problems with the “unknown countries” as you can see in the statistics. We’ll soon take care of that problem and update our ip-address database. Looking at google analytics we have 123 countries already. We also implemented the wibiya social media toolbar. Maybe this will boost the traffic as well a bit. Cheers, TaZ

Thanks to Ronorp! Switzerland outruns USA :-)

The ZΓΌrich-Version (Switzerland btw. πŸ˜‰ ) of Ronorp‘s great newsletter mentioned my website today. And see what happened…. till now another 500 lines for Switzerland. So overall Switzerland is going to outrun the United States in a few minutes πŸ™‚

Sweden … yes, sorry for the spelling last time πŸ˜‰ …. or Sverige is still on top.

So now phase 2 is started… spreading the word.

Schweden leads the race :-)

Thanks to two posts in some – as far as i can judge – swedish boards sweden now leads the race this week and already in total πŸ™‚

Google Analytics says that they are coming from:



Thanks a lot to the posters for the support. Sweden loves you πŸ˜‰

Cheers, TaZ


Since last friday the site is live. Ijust told it a few friends and already we have 25 countries on the page. Let’s see how fast it grows.

Spread the story!

Thanks & best,


Yesss, finally we are getting ready for launch :-)

It really took a while but now we are in the final steps for the launch.
After i got some valuable feedback from some friends I had to change the concept a bit.

Looking forward πŸ™‚