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How long can it be?

Schweden leads the race :-)

Thanks to two posts in some – as far as i can judge – swedish boards sweden now leads the race this week and already in total 🙂

Google Analytics says that they are coming from:



Thanks a lot to the posters for the support. Sweden loves you 😉

Cheers, TaZ


  Daniel wrote @

Thanks, but why are you writing “Schweden” – The german name for Sweden, when in fact we speak swedish, not german 😉
The swedish name for our country is “Sverige” derived from “Svea Rige” – Kingdom of the Svea people, if anyone cares 😉

  worldslongestwebsite wrote @

daniel, thanks for the correction. my brother-in-law already told me – he is from sverige 😉
and sorry for the last posting of you message… i am just not used enough to wordpress yet.

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